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Announcing our new practice location!

Now a functional medicine practice.  We support autoimmune, detox, weight loss and cancer.

Visit us at:

Our Restorative Health Partners

If high flow oxygen in a low pressure environment if HBOT is what your looking for let the Hyperbaric Healing Center help you today. 

natural pharmacy

RX Formulations

Get the best medications, especially compounded for you, at Rx Formulations. And don't miss their produce - yes I said produce. hydroponically grown at

True Gardens.


Natural therapies and individual attention at The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic.  Detox, chelation, nutrition support and regenerative medicine.


If your well-being is your priority and you want a group focused on your wellness, not your illness.  See the physician and PA at the Integrative Clinic 

 AZ Good Health Center. 

We support cancer,  Lyme disease, chelation and many other issues

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